Monday, 13 December 2010

Self made vintage necklace. Like it?

I made this from terracotta, which is extremely practical,
since it is air-dry so it doesn't need to be put in any oven
for hardening
I always wanted a kamea necklace, so I made one for myself
and I love it :)
I can make one for you too in any color you desire
(for a reasonable price, of course)


  1. Yeah I like it! It's different and so cute! Thanks for your idea for a present, great great great idea! xx Nura from 'World Of Fashion Inspiration'

  2. Thank you Nura :) I'm so glad, that I could help you

  3. Hat ez nem kerdes, h tetszik..kene hordjad tobbszor!

  4. annyi mindenem van,h egy ekszert egy ev alatt max 5szor tudok felvenni :))))))) jo tulzas, de valahogy igy van

  5. Great necklaces! You are very creative! I like your Blog:)
    p.s. thanks for your nice comment


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