Sunday, 9 January 2011

looking for the summer

                     It was a cold but calm Sunday today....and I found 
                     myself gazing 
the horizon of my memories. A 
                     distant, warm evening came 
my mind and 
                     suddenly I could 
feel the touch of a fading sunbeam 
                     on my skin...That was a beautiful day. We sat down
                     in a flower field and listened to the quiet humming
                     of the bees... 

...and I got my first blog award yesterday from my sweet 
Lepida, whom I am so thankful for!!!!!!!! She has an inspiring blog herself,
so take a look a it:  

It's a good feeling to wake up every morning and open your mailbox to 
find a few encouraging words from someone you have never met before.
It's like your long lost friend is saying hello from "Far Far Away"...

I have my own series of awards to pas out to 10 bloggers, 
who I think have cool blogs, so here I go:
but first...the rules:
To accept this award:

                                                1. Post about the award
                                          2. Pass it on to 10 other bloggers
                           3. Send the link for the button. You can find that following this                 
                                            4. Make an acceptance speech

And the award-winning blogs are:

Thank you and good night!


  1. juj koszi.:) de kuldd el azoknak az emberkeknek a linked akiket kivalasztottal...hogy tudjanak rola.

  2. elkuldom,elkuldom,csak az ejjel keszitettem,s mar tul almos voltam arra :)

  3. wow, thankyou! really appreciated.

    your blog is also fantastic!

    V x

  4. Congratulations on your award! Such a great blog!

  5. Thank you so much Victoria and Mango Gal

  6. nekem mar egy tavasz is joljonne, azok a szep nyarak, tudod mi egyszerre volt nekunk egy tokeletes nyarunk:D!

  7. jaj nekem is. ahogy lejartak az unnepek, eleg is volt a telbol, mostmar kivanom a szandimat felvenni.
    S biza tokeletes nyarunk volt akkor....en nem is tudom,hogy de hiba nem volt benne, barcsak meg egy olyan nyar jonne most....

  8. Hey Annemarie,
    Thank you for the award, thats really nice of you:)
    At first I didnt get it, how it works, to accept the award,
    so I hope I did it right:)
    Have a good night

  9. Beautiful blog, just having a flick through as a minor revision break!

    Hope you'll come and check out mine at

    maybe I can be in the runnings for the next award!

  10. congratulations!!! Wonderful pictures in this post and great blog :)


  11. great blog!the first pic is amazing!
    kisses from greece!

  12. Thank you so much Jazzy E & Nells!

  13. Congratulations to all the award winners! You have a great blog :) Please follow me :D

  14. Love your portraits, especially the first. I always love shooting into the sun. Love your blog. You get MY award (ha.)

  15. koszonom szepen,ez nagyon kedves...meg uj vagyok szoval nagyon jol esett!pusz

  16. thanks for following! i´m very happy about that! ;)


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