Friday, 28 October 2011


I can't speek French- cover by Florence and the Machine

source: we heart it


  1. nagy gyonyoruek a szinek, meg a fini barsonyok :)

  2. You're right . . . burgundy is such the perfect color for fall.

    I'm crazy about those burgundy suede heels!
    Don't you love Florence & The Machine?

    I'm so busy, shooting every hour of the day -- re-doing all my marketing materials. Very exciting. AND . . .

    If the St. Louis Cardinals win tonight's baseball game, they will be WORLD CHAMPIONS. The game is here in St. Louis. This town is going crazy. (Be still my heart.)

    Have a beautiful, burgundy weekend.

    P.S. My favorite Navajo rug design is the last one, too (no surprise!)

  3. amazing pics, especially the first one! check out my blog 'cause I got a little surprise for you!! :)

  4. Hello, Annemarie.

    The excellent and lovely work.

    The lovely kimono infants, Japanese tradition

    The prayer for all peace.
    from Japan, ruma ❀

  5. I love this colour this season - lovely post! I am living in my burgundy jeans at the moment! Love your blog too, you have a new follower. Maybe check out my blog when you have a moment?

    Anna x

  6. Thankyou so much for your helpful reply!! I've been wanting to do it, but hadn't known how for a long time now :)

    Once again, a lovely post.. Especially love the last image.



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