Saturday, 1 October 2011

Prada Fantasy Lookbook Fall 2011

The Fantasy – With a new season comes the latest Prada fantasy lookbook for fall, highlighting this season’s mod silhouettes with scrapbook style cutouts. Starring Arizona MuseHailey ClausonDaphne GroeneveldNimue SmitGinta LapinaAnais PouliotSara Blomqvist and others, the fantastical images bring together lush backdrops for the Prada girl to explore.


  1. You know, I always pay attention to Prada . . . because I truly believe they don't show fashion, they ARE fashion. They define "the edge", always moving forward.

    Besides these styles and great fashions (and color combinations), I love the design layouts here. Not obvious, just stunning and powerful. It draws you in. The video is exactly the same -- I love the whispers -- they make you work for it, "what did she say?" You must pay attention. Powerful stuff.

    "Be a tornado. Be transparent." I get it. I love it.

    Thanks for sharing, Annemarie. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hat igen Pradaban nem lehet csalodni! :D


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