Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Unurth Street Art

Pablo S. Herrero + David de la Mano, Spain

Burial - Fostercare

source: www.unurth.com

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  1. Hh milyen jo street artok :D
    A kedvencem a pasi meg a no ( csatakozos :D ) Nyilvan!

  2. This is more than street art. These pics are examples of how creative urban art, done well, can make forgotten parts of cities "more liveable", more interesting. I love the Parisian sparrow. And the whimsical art in Vienna. I love this stuff.

    Conversely, there's a lot of crap in some city areas (graffiti), so this is raising the standard. In Bogotá, there's a move to hire talented artists to dress up slum areas of old town. The people love it! Yay.

    Great post, Annemarie.

  3. Very beautiful and original graffiti. If there would be more like this the world would be a more beautiful and fascinating place. Thanks for sharing.


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