Tuesday, 13 December 2011

@ Nasty Gal

Founded in 2006, NASTY GAL offers a wide selection of the most desirable and coveted vintage clothing and accessories available online, as well as unique new designer pieces. (source)

We pride ourselves in our hand selected range of vintage dresses, tops, coats, and more--which is
 tailored each season to satisfy your runway cravings with original pieces that continue to inspire 
designers and trendsetters alike. Our buying department is highly informed of current trends, 
and often ahead of the game—giving you not only just what the fashion doctor ordered, but a 
truly unique item that won't be found elsewhere. (source)

Our San Francisco area location gives us access to some of the most amazing vintage in the world. 
From the beat poets to the summer of love and beyond, fashion happened here—and is still happening—online.
 We think of it a bit like the hippies. We're just spreading the love.


  1. An "old flame" and friend is one of NG's buyers. They are definitely STYLE, STYLE, STYLE and setting the trend. Love everything here. EVERYTHING.

  2. Szuper képek! A második képen levő szandál nagyon jól néz ki :D Álom :)

  3. Húúú hát jolfogna nekem pár cucc innen :D


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