Monday, 25 April 2011

Last thoughts on Easter

The famous Hungarian-Transylvanian custom:

There are a lot of interesting folk customs still alive all over Hungary
 and Transylvania. Many of them are connected with religious 
holidays, while others have older origins, from early, sometimes 
from prehistoric years. The two, most known customs of
 Easter are the "sprinkling" and the egg-painting. Both are very 
common in both urban and rural areas, among people of 
every age-group.
The possible reason for this very old tradition is that people 
believed in the cleaning, healing and fertility effect of water.

Today was "sprinkling" day (as I call it)....of course
we didn't have to endure the shock of men spilling
whole buckets of cold water on us, in turn they 
entertained us with all kinds of funny Easter poems
and slightly sprinkled us with perfume.
Once again, it was a great day...
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