Saturday, 21 July 2012

New step

Hi everyone! I've decided to try my luck again at the Art University in 
another city, close to my home. Last time I turned it down, and decided to
study something else instead, but the need inside has grown only stronger these last
few years, so I'm back on track!
Monday will be the first day of the 3 day entrance examination, and I'm getting nervous,
but also very excited. Today I'm gathering my works for the interview and my
room is a mess, drawings on the floor, on the bed, empty frames everywhere...
So blogging will be put aside for a few weeks, because after the exams,
I'll be heading off to camp...yay!

Have a great July, and happy blogging!
Love, A.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, this is exciting. This is a big decision, and don't forget -- timing is everything. And it sounds like the time is now.

    Good luck with the entrance exams. I'm not at all worried that you'll be accepted . . . you have such a great sense of design. (Your sketches look great.)

    Confidence, my dear. Keep us updated.


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