Sunday, 19 August 2012

Metaphysical camp

It was the first time that I've attended a metaphysics camp, and I had the best time of my life. The camp was held in a  village, deep in the mountains, far away from the city noises.
The positive energy that surrounded the place and people, charged me as well. It really was a step
"back to nature". Group meditations, singing, and exercising in the morning haze was a unique experience. And the highlight of the event was a glimps into shamanism; I even got to smoke a pipe together with
the group. It was an experience I will never forget.
I felt the harmony that seemed to be missing from my everyday life in the city, and everything was so simple there. It was a place where I understood a lot of things, where I found a lot of answers.

There was a song that we sang next to the fire at night, it was my favorite one:

"I am born in death, I die being born,
Stars light up and go out the same time,
Light comes from the East, it rests in the West,
All existence passes, and nothing ever passes."

and the original version:

"Halálban születek, születve meghalok,
Egyszerre kigyúlnak s kihúnynak csillagok,
Keletről jön a fény, Nyugaton megpihen,
Minden lét elmúlik s nem múlik semmi sem."

all photos belong to Annem's


  1. Amazing. Really beautiful photos.
    This must have been something, very positive.
    I've never heard of metaphysical camps -- and it makes
    so much sense. What a beautiful environment.
    Each photo is very special. These are really great photos of YOU.
    You've never looked more beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing . . .

  2. Erdekes lett a hangulata a fotoknak, 10 kep a kedvenc.


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