Sunday, 12 August 2012

Old house- New experience

Hi, everyone, I'm finally back! Although, I had so much fun during these last few weeks, that 
I wish I didn't have to come home yet... So many new and exciting events have happened, and I'm
 still a little bit overwhelmed. My entrance examination at the art university lasted 5 days, and I loved 
every single day, however my eyes got so tired sometimes that I could barely see, but it was worth it.
We had to draw two portraits, one of them with the model's hands as well, and we were divided into
four groups, each group in different rooms. I was lucky, because we had a young woman as a model,
who fortunately inspired me very much so I had a lot of fun drawing her. On the last day, we had to
show our portfolio to the committee, and they gave the final marks. And that was it. I had to wait two
days to find out the results, but I was already on my way to a festival. In the middle of loud music and
a large crowd, I found out that I got in first at the exam, so I started jumping up and down and cried.
I'm extremely happy today, that I finally got the courage to go after the things I want. This was one of 
the many steps I have to take, and I'm a bit afraid of the things to come, but I feel that I'm in the
right place. 
We weren't allowed to take pictures of any drawings at the exam, so unfortunately I can't show you 
those. However, I took some photos of the old house, one of our friends is renting, where we 
stood during this period. I loved the collection of art and the archaic feel the place had.

My last stop was at a campsite, that is a little bit different from the usual ones. This camp
involved meditations and constant introversion. It was mind-blowing...but let's leave that
to another post.
How will you be spending this August?


  1. You've been on my mind .... and of course I've been wondering about the entrance exams, the results, etc. So YAY. Thanks for checking in and sharing the good news. You're on your way, and definitely in the right place. Good things happen when they're supposed to, and to talented people. That would be YOU. You're headed for success. But more importantly, this was all meant to happen -- and we love hearing that you're VERY HAPPY.

  2. Nagyon faszak ezek a kepek, es a haz hangulata is nagyon tetszik :)

  3. Congratulations for your blog.I'll follow you.

  4. Yey Annamari gratulálok a felvételidhez. :D

  5. Hello, it was a great finds and I like it. I think living in an old house feels great and how I wish to live in a house like this with my grand children in the future. :D. Big thanks for sharing.


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